About Us

Since 1986, hotel management, and various food and drink outlets in the service sector Gündoğdu Group, established in 2012 to serve with his Queen Hotel & Spa added a new ring.

Created in order to give a response to the expectations of our valued guests a new hotel concept regarding high-level, we are pleased to offer our liking.

Hotels in concept: Accommodation, food and beverage, meetings, seminars, SPA services. In addition, airport transfers and car rental, air ticket reservations for accommodation and restaurant reservations and stay until after the destination locality, unlimited service we aim to please you.

Even though you are miles away from your home or office, comfortable rooms aratmayacağımız their comfort and warmth, friendly staff and excellent service understanding, accomodating, we wish you many times, not once.

Seeing as guests Gündoğdu crown of the head, the Group will be honored to welcome you to Queen Hotel & SPA.

Gündoğdu Group Chairman